Camera Insurance

Camera insurance is an excellent way to protect your expensive camera equipment, whether you are an amateur or professional photographer. Cameras are extremely popular and can capture those amazing snapshots of life but they don’t come cheap. Often times we purchase additional products such as camera cases, tripods, flashes, film, memory discs, and so on therefore having camera insurance to protect your valuable equipment simply makes sense.

Camera insurance premiums are essentially based on the chance of you making a claim as well as the amount you could potentially claim, ie the value of your equipment will determine the cost of cover. Some people choose to add their camera equipment to their home contents insurance which initially makes sense because it’s one less policy to consider. However, camera insurance is more comprehensive than your standard contents insurance and if you have a lot of equipment, the claim could easily exceed the amount of contents insurance you have available.

Unlike general contents insurance, which will take into account other items that may be damaged inside your home, a camera insurance policy is specifically designed to cover most aspects of your camera equipment. For example, a camera insurance policy will cover theft, accidental loss, and damage. As you might expect, each provider will have their own set of criteria in terms of what is, and is not, covered so be sure you ask questions and read exactly what is covered with each camera insurance plan to consider.

Some questions you may want to ask an advisor would be does the policy include new for old cover. If you are a professional photographer, you may want to ask if the camera insurance policy also covers dark rooms, camcorders, screens, and other such equipment. However, you should consider camera insurance even if you only take photos occasionally because even though smaller digital cameras are affordable, they should still be considered valuable property.

You may find over time that you obtain more and more camera equipment. Some camera equipment is small and easy to misplace or can be a target for thieves as can be easily stolen. Additionally, a strap could come loose and your camera could drop and become damaged. Ultimately, having camera insurance would help protect your expensive equipment in almost every scenario.

Using the internet is a great way to compare online camera insurance quotes. However, just because applying online is easy, don’t be afraid to give any potential insurer a ring and speak to an advisor so you can ask questions and be sure you understand the level of cover with each of their policies.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sijmply focus on the fantastic uses of your camera, indulging in creative expression or being able to take snap shots of family and friends at a moments notice? Separating your camera insurance from your home contents insurance will provide you the best coverage for your equipment giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what’s important, your photos!